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I Can’t “Do Stuff”, But I’m Smart. And Rich. I’m Very Rich.

11 November 2014

Just how do you convert your information into something really useful? Something that people would pay money for. How do you turn your passion, whatever it may be, into an income stream? Turns out that all you really need to do is simply realise when you have an ‘edge’. They don’t come around often, but when you find one, you need to act on your edge as fast as you can to exploit it, to get the most from it. I’ll illustrate with an anecdote that really brought it home to me.

There was a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest where everybody in the settlement was still ‘bartering’. There was a lot of harmony and everybody was working with what they had and trying to make the best of things.

One individual, let’s call her ‘Jane’, was not quite like the rest of the tribe. Through no fault of her own, Jane didn’t make or produce anything that anybody needed. Jane wanted to become a contributing member of the tribe though, so that she could feel more a part of it, as opposed to being dependent on it all the time. From speaking with a neighbouring tribe member, Jane had heard that they had a shortage of lambs; nobody else in Jane’s tribe knew this.

The following day, she announced to her tribe that if they were willing to take a risk on her, she’d take 12 lambs from them and that she would return with 14 calves. The current bartering ‘rules’ were 1 Lamb = 1 Calf… so this proposal was (not without an element of scepticism) accepted by the rest of her tribe. Eventually they agreed to give her their lambs in the belief that they would profit from the venture.

Jane then visited the other settlement and negotiated with them. They agreed to give her 16 calves and 8 chickens for her 12 lambs. Jane then came back to her tribe and gave them 14 calves, as promised. The tribe were delighted.

Jane now had 2 calves and 8 chickens for herself. Not bad for a day’s work. More notably, from that day forward the tribe members went to Jane every week, so that they could multiply the fruits of their labour, as they saw it. Jane continues doing what she does, and everybody remains happy in both tribes.

Jane does not produce any tangible goods in her tribe, but she has created something?

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