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The ‘Celebrity Warranty’. Do you offer it with your product yet?

Here’s a reality check from the future, a future which is coming to a business like yours in just over 6 weeks. This future is called “2015” and yes, it’s coming fast. You need to get your business ready now, by offering a Celebrity Warranty on your product(s). “As a business owner in 2015, […]

Why You Should Not Give Customers a Choice

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Most of us will avoid pain and discomfort whenever possible, evolution has embedded that into our DNA over the millennia. Now, whether this pain is of the mental or physical type, is irrelevant; it’s all treated in the same way by our brain. Think about this the next time you’re […]

Why We Love Complainers

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What do you remember from your interactions in the past with most business’ customer service departments? More often than not, the experience is at best forgettable and at worst enough to make you run to the competitor. Your business needs to be the one that initiates the paradigm shift in […]