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Dot-Connectors Have More Fun

7 November 2014

Is there any such thing as a completely original idea? I doubt it. Ideas are based on information. You didn’t learn your information from yourself, you learned it from somebody or something. The bottom line is that everything you know, or think you know, has been learned. Not just some of the things; all of them.

For argument’s sake, let’s take Thomas Edison as an example. Sure, he ‘invented’ the light bulb (from a commercial point of view at least). But his concept for the light bulb was not new. Edison’s information and knowledge of electricity was no better or no worse than the many other scientists of his time. Edison succeeded though, where others had failed. However, it wasn’t necessarily because of any original ideas. Practically everybody in the ‘light bulb invention business’ had access to the same information that he had, he just applied the knowledge in a way that was different from the others.

The difference was that Edison ‘connected the dots’ differently than the others. -Jon Ryan
Connecting the dots isn’t in and of itself a new idea though. Teach yourself to connect-the-dots and come up with something fresh and new for your business. You’ll surprise yourself with the results.

Any thoughts? When did you last connect some dots?

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