Glickly websites cost €537.

Paying a yearly maintenance fee (€69) removes the initial up-front spend/cost that is usually associated with getting a professional website. Also, by getting maintenance, you will receive all the latest updates in Web Design, Parallax, CSS, HTML5 and Responsive technologies etc. Basically, your website will be kept updated as new website design techniques and methods are created. Your website will not get ‘dated’.

No problem. We will contact your existing website designer and take care of any of the technical things that need to be done. 

Contrary to popular belief, lengthy consultations are not required in order to get an optimal website for your business. Indeed, the consultations often take place to enable the website designer to sell more product features to you. Product features that you may not necessarily need. At Glickly, our design model is different. We gather all relevant information using our “E-ssessment” system. The truth is that Website design is not as complicated as many people may think it is. However, many web design companies portray the website-building-process as being more difficult than it is, thus making it easier for them to charge higher pricing.

You can pay on our website, using any credit-card, or PayPal. You can also send a checque to our postal address. 

VAT is included. 

If you don’t like the Free-Trial site, you don’t have to buy it. No strings attached. (We’re confident that you’ll like it.) 

You choose. You can tell us using our business E-ssessment

You can tell us what you want to call it using our E-ssessment. Many common website names are not available any more, so we will choose the most appropriate name for you if your desired name is not available.

No doubt they could; we’ve seen sites like those before. Glickly websites cost €537.

Yes. The platform that we use to build our websites is technically a good platform for SEO purposes. In any case, we will add an SEO package to your website to make it even better. 

Yes. We offer optional upgrades for every website we design. You can see a list of them here.

If you simply want to enable your customers to buy an item from your site using PayPal/Credit Card, we can usually include a ‘Buy Now’ button, for example. However, a full E-Commerce site is a separate product. Contact us if you need a quote, or drop us an email and we’ll contact you at your convenience.  

We will. We primarily use GoDaddy servers to host your domain and your website files. Basically, we do all the technical work on your behalf. You don’t need to do anything except provide us with any passwords we may need, for example. 

We will give you secure access to your website using a simple control panel. If you can use a computer, you will have no problem changing/updating pieces of text and uploading images. We will send you an instructional video to get you started, if required.

No. The design team at Glickly only use the ‘WordPress’ platform for web design. If WordPress is good enough for trusted brands like Sony, E-Bay and Time Magazine, then it’s good enough for Glickly.

We will provide up to 5 professional stock images if you require them, and add them strategically to your website.

We will use the text from your original site if you have one. If not, we will use text from your Facebook page etc., if you have one. We will also use the information gathered in your personal E-ssessment. Lastly, we may create some personalised text of our own, to insert as appropriate.

Typically, we will have your Free-Trial site ready within 2-3 working days. If you like your site (which you will…) and you want to buy it as-is, we can have your site live within a further 24 hours.

Glickly offer a range of services as outlined here.

All Glickly websites are sold with 1-Year ‘no quibble’ warranty.

You fill in the E-ssessment here, we build you a Free Trial website and send it to you, you review the site and buy it if you like it.

While e-mail and your website are two separate services, many customers assume there will be a new email address like, for example ,[YourName@YourDomain.com]. To address this, Glickly will provide one e-mail address (with limited 100Mb storage) per website, when requested. It will be a webmail type of email account so you can access it on the web from anywhere with an internet connection. As a catch-all solution, Glickly will incorporate your existing email address into your website so that any email interaction with your website will be delivered to your usual inbox. In summary, we recommend that you keep using your existing email address or create a new Gmail address for your business. We will build it into your website so that the issue becomes irrelevant for you and you will achieve maximum email potential.

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