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The Only Tip You’ll Ever Need in Business

Ann is on a commuter train travelling home from a hectic day at the office. The train journey home is her time to unwind and relax. Today though, in the seat opposite her, there is a man sitting silently lost in thought. He has two young children with him. The […]

The ‘Celebrity Warranty’. Do you offer it with your product yet?

Here’s a reality check from the future, a future which is coming to a business like yours in just over 6 weeks. This future is called “2015” and yes, it’s coming fast. You need to get your business ready now, by offering a Celebrity Warranty on your product(s). “As a business owner in 2015, […]

All Hail, the Almighty Google

Using Google Apps in your Business

Google. Most people picture the company only in terms of their most popular product, Google Search. Well, there’s that and maybe the picture of wearing flip-flops while scooting around the office on a unicycle. But the point is, there’s a lot more to Google’s suite of products than you may […]

I Can’t “Do Stuff”, But I’m Smart. And Rich. I’m Very Rich.

Just how do you convert your information into something really useful? Something that people would pay money for. How do you turn your passion, whatever it may be, into an income stream? Turns out that all you really need to do is simply realise when you have an ‘edge’. They […]

Be Less Irish and More American in Business

American Irish

Americans have a unique business ethic. So do the Irish. What happens when you combine the two? In 1989, President George H. W. Bush was visiting the USS Aircraft Carrier ‘Forrestal’ (CV-59). Needless to say that on the day of his visit, everybody on board had been briefed about the […]

Dot-Connectors Have More Fun


Is there any such thing as a completely original idea? I doubt it. Ideas are based on information. You didn’t learn your information from yourself, you learned it from somebody or something. The bottom line is that everything you know, or think you know, has been learned. Not just some […]

Why You Should Not Give Customers a Choice

Simplify Business

Most of us will avoid pain and discomfort whenever possible, evolution has embedded that into our DNA over the millennia. Now, whether this pain is of the mental or physical type, is irrelevant; it’s all treated in the same way by our brain. Think about this the next time you’re […]

Free Business Video

As you’re probably aware, Video is worth 1000 Pictures. This was never more true when it comes to Google ranking your page. The video above took us about an hour to complete. The bulk of the time was spent finding appropriate footage. Let us know if you would like a […]